Urania Sloanus, rendered in wool
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Incredible Knitted Moths Could Go in a Natural History Museum. Max Alexander turns Shetland wool into scientifically accurate depictions of various moth species. "It's pretty funny to knit moths from a material that they're known to eat..." she says. You can see more photos of her amazing work on her website and Instagram.
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As a knitter, I don't even want to contemplate weaving in all those ends. It's amazing. I wonder if the back just looks messy?
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Cooool! Reminds me of the butterfly sweater/cape project idea I'm thinking out right now.
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These are spectacular!
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These are absolutely beautiful! But yes, I too shuddered at the thought of weaving in all those ends.
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I looked this up one time as my sister was killing any moth she'd see on the grounds that 'they eat your sweaters'. There are only a couple species that eat wool (it's the caterpillar stage that does it) and they shun light and are very secretive and rarely seen. Most moths are innocent!
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"So what do you do for fun?"

"I knit moths."
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so amazing! subscribing via instagram
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Very cool. From looking through her website at her non-moth knitting projects, I see she has an interesting sense of humor. I think my favorite is the knitting, top hat-wearing octopus.
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And the axolotl.

I ordered the pink moth necklace for myself, even though I really hate ordering things internationally. But it's so pretty!
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