A Standalone SF/F Short Story by a Well-Known Cartoonist
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"Leg" by Shaenon K. Garrity (Kaleidotrope, Spring 2017): "'Why don't you look for a job as ...' the HR director searched for the right euphemism, realized none existed. 'As a leg?' Deep in its central processor, Tony's leg sighed. It had been dreading the question. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were ..." The creator of Narbonic, Skin Horse, and more, Garrity has appeared on the blue for many, many reasons in the past, not least for her short fiction. More previouslies. More short fiction.
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I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!
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Super entertaining with great visuals, though now I'm curious about what problem started the societal need to have talking, thinking prosthetic limbs... built-in Alexa/Siri/Cordana functionality? I liked this a lot.

(Is this our future? Will our IoT have refrigerators screaming at the toaster while the knife block and hat rack look on?)
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Was the date's name Yuki or Yumi?
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Aaaah! One of my favorite Sockdolager stories to publish was a piece by Shaenon Garrity: Demon Clown Diary. Seriously, go read it, it's fucking great.
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Great story.
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Was the date's name Yuki or Yumi?

Depends whether her leg or her eye was talking.
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somehow not cited in the above previouslies, Garrity's epic Punk Voyager

“What brings you to our planet?” [Ted Koppel asked the alien visitors]
“We heard it used to be cool.”

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