existing on the border between living and still life
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Israeli ceramicist Ronit Baranga‘s “body of work” is unsettling, to say the least. Sculpted from clay, realistic fingers emerge from plates while mouths lurk inside cups. The gnarled fingers and lips seem poised for action. We would most certainly hesitate before using any of these for fear of being bitten. [SFW; may be disturbing to some.]

The mouth is an interesting element for ceramic tableware as its main purpose, at least conventionally, has been to carry food and drink until it reaches the mouth. “I chose to deal with ‘mouth’ as a metaphoric connotation to a border gate,” said Baranga in an interview in 2014. “A border between the inner body and the external environment surrounding it.”

More pictures of Baranga's work are here.
Her own website is here. And her Instagram is here.
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Nah I'm good.
posted by saladin at 5:28 PM on July 7, 2017

I can dig it.
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It's interesting how much creepier the mouths are than the pieces with hands and fingers (at least to me). I don't know if that's something inherent about "mouth" as opposed to "finger", or the fact that it's the slightly open, tongue out expression that is bugging me.
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It just seems like kind of a cheap gimmick.
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Finally something original and well executed. But also disgusting. Art is meant to provoke? I prefer this to those organ cakes that nurse made last year.

Those teapots are inspired!
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i love it!

are they sold with floss?
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