15 Years Later, Here's Why A Gamer Was Duct-Taped To A Ceiling
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In which Eric Van Allen from Kotaku tracks down the people behind a 15 year old photo of a LAN party with someone duct-taped to a ceiling beam. You know, like usual.
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I never expected to get the backstory for this picture I've seen so many times. Satisfying closure, though I have to say it wasn't as epic as I'd hoped.
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Oh god. LAN parties were life.
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It's exactly as epic as I imagined it would be. Which is to say -- it was a goofy lark that lives on infamy.
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I saw this floating around imgur this morning and my jaw dropped because I had only ever seen that one shot that everyone had seen. The guy eating pizza. It was like finally seeing how the Matrix truly works.
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Great backstory! Though especially in the pizza photo he needs a lot more upper-body support. /old achy person
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Once the warranty expired at 35, more and more things I see make my body ache sympathetically.
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This is interesting and all but I will continue to pretend the answer is "because they were out of chairs".
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Aw, I miss dorky teenage LAN parties. And honestly, just being a dorky teen hanging out in a friend's basement. Glory days, man, they'll pass you by...
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"Some people say he's still up there ..."
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We weren't cool enough to duct tape people to the ceiling - we just had people crammed into closets.
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I mean, it seems obvious why you'd duct tape someone to the ceiling - to see if you could. If someone says, "gee, I wonder if we could duct tape someone to the ceiling", isn't your immediate response to get sort of thoughtful? And once you'd gotten him up there, what's he supposed to do? You don't want to take him down because you just duct-taped him up, so you give him his computer.

What made me sad about this - I looked at those photos and thought, "Fifteen years ago, I'd see internet nerds and immediately think "friends!!!! we are going to hit it off!!' and now I think, "Internet nerds, I bet they're alt-right and have just pirated the stylings and affect of nice people".
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I mean, I know it's not a new thought, but I miss nerdery as it was, before the tech boom on one hand and rising social inequality on the other split it into rich fascists and poor fascists.
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What made me sad about this

We could start a fad of duct-taping select people to ceilings and providing neither computers nor food...
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We could start a fad of duct-taping select people to ceilings and providing neither computers nor food...

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"Our top story tonight on All Things Considered: A fifth corpse was found duct taped to a ceiling beam, this time in Denver. Police remain puzzled."
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I now feel like the next big thing with gaming will be to buy a Nintendo Switch and take up hang-gliding.
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Honestly, I've never seen this photo before and I went to a bunch of these back in the 90s.
We did though have a variation on this in my circle... when people got a little too drunk and were a problem to folk's gaming rigs, we used to duct tape them to the floor and paint their faces like the Ultimate Warrior... only happened like 3 or 4 times, but... ah - memories.

And yes, pics or it didn't happen... well - sorry - no pics... this was pre-phone cameras... and I sure as hell didn't bring cameras to things. It was enough to lug a computer AND a 23 inch monitor... Note: People who live on 6th floors with no elevators in the building should not host LAN parties ever.
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Also never seen the photo before, thanks for the back-story!
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I had always just assumed he had been caught cheating (looking at enemy screen) or something like that.

In my D&D/LAN group cheaters would have to play in the box. A cardboard box taped to their head with a monitor sized hole. They would have to press the box against the monitor. One had to play, eat, drink and smoke without removing the box.

I liked the box, it made me feel safe.
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Yep, totally obvious why he was duct taped to the ceiling. But really glad to know what it was like and how long he was there and how enthusiastic he was about being there. That's what makes it a good story.
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"The Night They Taped Drew Purvis to the Ceiling" is my favorite Irish folksong.
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Ugh I miss sitting around playing CS.
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I think the best bit of this is not the part where they duct tape Drew Purvis to the ceiling. It's the part where he's a bit uncomfortable, so they cut him down and duct tape Drew Purvis to the ceiling A SECOND TIME. WITH PILLOWS.
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