badddiiie 🌈🎱🦋⛈ stealing your man since 1928
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Never has "If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much" been more appropriate.
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Love the socks in the last link with the Dead T-Shirt.
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Love. 🌈
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Followed :D
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Great links here. Don't miss the "role model" one, it's a fantastic short video about her life and perspective on how the baddiewinkle persona ties in with her identity.

As a casual instagram follower I love her and have often wondered about who she is. I was surprised to see her dressing so conventionally for church, but as a queer person I can really relate to that sort of outfit code-switching. I often wonder if I'm being false to myself when I dress in heteronormative corporate drag. But I can see how baddie doesn't give a damn, and considers all those multitudes part of her identity. I wish people of all genders felt as free with self-expression as she does. I also wish more men who think women dress just for them - or that fashion is frivolous - would follow her and see if they change their assumptions.

She inspires me as a younger woman to rethink anything I've internalized or that people tell me about what is the proper way for me to dress and behave. I think that society tells us that older people are unchanging and unchangeable, and I love that she's breaking down that idea. Slay, baddie.
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