The best teacher is an entertainer
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On December 6, 2016, Mr. Marshall officially banned bottle flipping in class 6A. On December 7, he started making this video. On June 29, 2017, he showed it to his students [h/t Miss Cellania].


Why did you ban bottle flipping?

The grade 6 teachers really tried to meet the kids halfway on this one this year. We worked bottle flipping into our motion geometry unit in math, we used bottle flipping to develop testable questions and identify variables in science, but by November the kids still couldn't resist the urge to flip the water bottles on their desks at the most inopportune times. Recess? Fair game.

Why didn't you release this when it would have actually been relevant?

Because it was funnier to release it when it wasn't. Most of the clips were filmed between Christmas break and January, so I've been sitting on the footage for a while. As a teacher working with students who jump on countless trends that rise and fall throughout the year, irrelevance became part of the joke.

Why didn't you upload the students' reactions?

Privacy protection, and because the comments section is rarely a kind place.

Where are the fidget spinners?

My grade partner made the second half of the video (which we also showed on the last day of the school). It prominently features a fidget spinner and references at least 10 other memes, but we used far too much [copyrighted] content to release it publicly.

Why did you film vertically?

I was camera flipping obvs.
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irrelevance became part of the joke.

I was literally just explaining to my boyfriend that the best part of teaching is making reference to a joke that is painfully irrelevant. Mr. Marshall delivers beautifully. I hope his students were self-aware enough to acknowledge how many levels he was razzing them on.
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Mr. Marshall is the cool teacher by any definition of the word.
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That was fifty kinds of awesome. Will be showing my son, who is definitely the target audience here. Mr Marshall has superpower levels of cool and I am not worthy.
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this wizard for President
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The X-Files bit
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Brilliant. I watched it with my 6th-going-into-7th grade daughter. Her comment a few minutes in: 'I'm laughing because this is the first time I've seen anyone flip a bottle since before Xmas break. No one has cared for like a million years.' Irrelevance objective validated.
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Omg the dab

It was an awkward dad dab

Opportunities to do stuff like this = the best part of being a teacher
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A coworker: "Uh, is he single?"

And then a few minutes later: "I've never been so disappointed to see a baby..."
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thank you, I totes needed this today
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Savage AF.

This almost makes me wish I was back in the classroom. If I showed this to my 7th grade class, they'd go absolutely berserk. Like screaming and falling on the floor.
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My physics teacher banned retractable pens. The clicks were super loud via his hearing aid. He explained why, with physics. His ultimate proof which convinced us all was finding the boy with the offending pen. Good little scientists test theories, so I got in some trouble when he confiscated my pen until the end of the class. I had to remember my notes.

He wasn't youtube cool, but he did explain the uncertainty principle in a way I understood and didn't understand, so my brain exploded.
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Metafilter: I've never been so disappointed to see a baby
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"No one has cared for like a million years."

Ha, this is the tweeniest thing to say.
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RustyBrooks: "Metafilter: I've never been so disappointed to see a baby"

How is dissapointed made?
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Wait, so Johnny Wallflower is allowed to make posts about people as well as animals?
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Just for a second I thought, Is Macklemore a substitute science teacher when he's not thrifting or taking his granny out on the town?!

And then I got sad because I would never have Macklemore as a substitute science teacher.
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