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YouTuber UpIsNotJump is modding video game Fallout 4, switching between original videos like Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen, Planet Earth II, and the Bob Ross Video Game*, and remakes like Futurama, Rick and Morty, and Iron Man, [NSFW, *cw: flashing lights at start of video]
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These are lots of fun. And they also just show much you can really do in Fallout 4. Great find.
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That is tremendously fun.
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Nice! I appreciate the craft that went into all of them; there's a degree of effort in getting familiar with the assets and engine, and making associations and juxtapositional leaps from one half of the source material to the other that's a lot of fun.

But as actual watching-for-laughs material I find the absurdity of the original video stuff more appealing than the remakes; I found myself nodding along to some of the design choices in e.g. the Futurama one while also feeling sort of distinctly aware that I was sitting through a "oh hey remember THIS scene" clip show sort of phenomenon. Whereas the Ramsey pastiche has its own freer visual and editorial rhythm to it, and the Bob Ross stuff is just wonderfully gonzo.
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"I made this video to teach me how to make contraptions and how to use contraptions with the Fallout 4 contraptions DLC so that I can use them properly in future videos. A breakfast machine within Fallout 4 naturally seemed the most appropriate lesson."

Indeed: Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC - BREAKFAST MACHINE contraption!!
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Oops, Family Guy breakfast machine reference.
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Holy cow, straight, that is something. I'm about halfway through and it's a very weird combo of doting and fast-and-loose; there's a lot of shot-for-shot recreation of major scenes, but with a lot of the cinematic framing of the movie (especially dialogue-heavy scenes) stripped out.

But more notable, it also has almost all of the famous CGI effects stripped out presumably because they'd have been a pain in the ass to do in-engine. Cutaways to reaction shots, or recuts of the scene to just skip the bit where the effect would be. It's conspicuous with a film that was all about those whizbang effects shots. No blade arms or other complex deformations. Some chuckles about the ones they sorta-kept though; when the T-1000 walks through the bars, they just...have him clip through the bars. Heh. And when he's seeping down into the elevator, the creator chose to have...a bare car wheel rim slip down? It's honestly the only clearly intentionally funny moment in what seems all in all to be a very straight-faced project, though I do wonder if there's some puns sneaking through in the Russian dialogue or little bits of background texture.

At this point I can't even guess whether they'll try to recreate the late film splitting-down-the-middle effect on the T-1000 or just have him fall over and stand back up.

Also the main custom models are all kinda janky but at least recognizable—Arnie's Arnie, Linda's Linda, Patrick's Patrick—except for Edward Furlong, who instead looks like a factory reject take on Redpill Tobey Maguire in Spiderman 3.

Weird weird stuff. Kudos for the effort, as odd as it is around the edges.
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