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Unlocking the Secrets Behind the Hummingbird's Frenzy "With their rocketing movements and jewel-like plumage, hummingbirds seem like a hybrid of flesh, feather, and fireworks. The wings of some species flap up to a hundred times per second. Their heart rate can exceed a thousand beats per minute, and they gulp nectar with a near-invisible flick of the tongue. In gardens or at backyard feeders, they’re the definition of fleeting beauty. So who could resist the temptation to slow their motion, to dissect their movements—to inhabit, even briefly, the hummingbird’s world?"

Behind the scenes video of the slow motion footage.
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I know their brains have to be the size of a nail clipping but they are fighter pilots and if the feeder is missing they'll come to the kitchen window to supervise the washing and drying and complain to anyone who goes outside. Hover right in front of your face and tell you how you are not doing your job right. I wear glasses but I've heard one of the kids say "Please don't poke me in the eye."
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So beautiful and alien. It's really fascinating to see their movements stretched in microscopic time and realize just how utterly different their evolutionary path is. was
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Do hummingbirds love to watch amusing videos of the adorably slow humans? Do they think tortoises and sloths are statues? What must the perception of time be like for them?
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I love how bold they are. They know they can get away fast, so we are not much of a threat. They come quite close to my head sometimes when I'm outside. It can be a little alarming!
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So their wings are basically like Wells turbines, generating lift in two directions. Neat.
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This is great, thank you for posting it.
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Great vid.

We haven't had the number of humbirds these last 2 years that have congregated in past years. :( I hope that isn't a harbinger of years to come. I used to cuss the little buggers because it was like sitting through a swarm of flies to be out on the deck in the evening. And fight! Not exactly relaxing to listen to. But beautiful.
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I love hummingbirds. I planted aloe and salvia in my yard specifically to draw them. Yesterday I watched one hover over the oscillating sprinkler and drink water mid-flight. It was amazing to watch.
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I love hummingbirds. But I love even more the swarm of bees that gloms on to the feeder every year. The hummingbirds occasionally get a beak in edgewise but the bees, they own that sugar water.

Mr. Yuck: "I know their brains have to be the size of a nail clipping "

From the FA: Its brain, at 4.2 percent of body weight, is proportionally the largest
among birds and second largest in the animal kingdom.

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Watching that hummingbird pull up to the syringe to drink (around the 40 second mark in the video) reminds me of a fighter plane in a mid-air refueling. The hummingbird's doing it much faster, of course, but is also slightly less explosive if there's a mistake made.
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I visited a park in Costa Rica where you're allowed to hold a little feeder so the hummingbirds come drink from your hand. It was fascinating, and when one hovered for a minute, it was like holding a little motorized fan that provided a welcome breeze. I definitely took slo-mo videos. Amazing little creatures!
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This tumblr post is always the first thing I think of re: hummingbirds.
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The Hummingbird Show is probably my favorite backyard entertainment. I do not always remember to fill up the birdfeeders, but the hummingbirds get fresh juice as soon as I notice the feeders are low.
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A few weeks back, while visiting Portland, OR, I was walking around Cathedral Park and heard this weird sizzling sound coming from above me. I spotted a humming bird -sitting still on a branch-, twitching its head around and making this sizzle sound! I took video of it scratching itself too, which which ridonkulously adorbaborbz. It was really, really hot that day, so maybe it was too hot to fly?

Also, I love hummingbirds.
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Nonasuch, I've got to quote part of that tumblr post because it made me fall out of my chair laughing:

...hummingbirds are not carrying your hopes for joy around. I am sorry. Have you met hummingbirds? Hummingbirds believe strongly that they should be eighteen feet tall and have flamethrowers. They are a half ton of pugnacious wrapped up in a half ounce of feathers. Given the choice, hummingbirds would fly around with “Ride of the Valkyries” blasting out of tiny speakers on their wings, putting the eyes out of their enemies.

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yes! that's my favorite part!
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Mr. Yuck - No one believes me when I tell them the hummingbirds in our yard will come to our kitchen window on another side of the house to let us know when their feeder is empty; but you obviously have had the same experience! Thank you for your post!!
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The video in that article is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life. Thanks for this.
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My brother described his hummingbirds as alerting him to their empty feeder by coming to his window and looking in and clearly saying, "HEY! ASSHOLE! JUICE IS OUT!"
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Annoying birds. How come they can live on sugar water and I have to have a boring old balanced diet?
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About 25% of their diet is protein: they also eat bugs.
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Also, as one bird guide puts it:

Temperament: Pugnacious.
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I can also confirm all the demanding habits of the adorable little bastards.
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About 25% of their diet is protein: they also eat bugs.

Ah, that I did not know. Those beaks look awkward for bug-chomping. In my defence, this is the closest we have over here...
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they also eat bugs
I've seen them pluck spiders off their webs.
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I can also confirm all the demanding habits of the adorable little bastards.

I, too, get bossy clicks.from the Lord of the Broadway courtyard when the feeders run dry.

My favorite moment was when running a cone sprinkler on a cloudy day, I walked into the courtyard and caught him about two feet above the grass, hovering in the spray. Oh, to have had my phone on me...
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Tip for those of you who have a lawn or other appropriate configuration: my hummingbirds love the patio misters, and I also have a birdbath (deep plant pot, actually) with a solar fountain that they'll fly through sometimes.
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