Madame Hillary mounted and rid him around while he said, "I’m with her!"
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...I need to remind myself that there is a different kink for everyone... this though... I did not see coming...
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Bet she keeps your safe word on a private email server.
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look I know that Rs tend to have a lot of repressed fetishes but I call shenanigans

I don't know whose shenanigans or how, but I know when my personal prejudices are being thoroughly catered to
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(To clarify: I am not here to kinkshame or claim bad faith, but to express incredulity and skepticism at the seriousness of somebody down the line here)
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There's a reason that "cuckservative" made its appearance right around when Trump's Mirror did. I would not be at all surprised that some amount of Trumpism is tied up in self-loathing sexuality.
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"YourTango is the leading online magazine dedicated to love and relationships."

With the acknowledgement that I'm not with it, I've never heard of this leading online magazine. It looks like a link farm.

That said, I lol'd anyways.
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(This seems to be blogspam; the original Vice article is here.)
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