Tomb Prospectors
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The game Bloodborne (previously, previously, previously) has a feature known as the Chalice Dungeon (some spoilers in that link, and throughout). Chalice Dungeons are procedurally generated content that allows a player to explore unique challenges, pieced together from a large pool of possible room combinations (similar to a rogue-light). In Chalice Dungeons, intrepid hunters face new enemies, find new items, and experience new boss fights not seen in the main game. However, due to the fact that Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive, hackers have yet to crack into the game to find whatever secrets might be held within unexplored chalices. A group of hunters, nicknamed Tomb Prospectors, have dedicated themselves to the exploration of this mysterious part of the game (link is directed to Reddit). Patricia Hernandez, writing at Kotaku, has a profile of the group with a little more info about their quest to uncover Bloodborne's last secrets.
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I love this game so much! So many mysteries. I haven't delved as long and deep as these prospectors, but I've been fortunate enough to find a few cool things (like the engagement ring). Still never found that weird worm creature though.

Man, this makes me hope there's a sequel in the works. Thanks for bringing back this article!
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I love lore like this. I'm a PC player, so I do not have access to this game but I am a big fan of Dark Souls, so this game is on my list of things to check out some day. At some point the price of a PS4 will drop to the point that I consider it worth picking up. This game will be one of those first I purchase when that happens. Cheers.
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I got my extended family to chip in to get a PS4 for my household as a Christmas present for my kids. I've been kind of hunting around for a game or two that would be for Daddy's PS4 time; this might just fit the bill, based on reading this stuff. (and also in part because I expect the price of Bloodborne also fits my budget)
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Bloodborne is, perhaps, my favorite game of all time. I think it's a massive improvement on the *Souls formula, and even though I loved DS3, BB feels like the real capstone to the series.

As a bit of advice, I would say try to remain as unspoiled as possible if you are going to play. Not only are there amazing reveals as one progresses through the game, but the way that loot is tagged with descriptive text makes you feel like an archaeologist who is uncovering a lost civilization. Piecing the story together for yourself by talking to characters, looking at architecture, and reading loot descriptions is one of the main pleasures of gameplay (in my experience).
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Finally got this last night (was trying to decide between this and Shadow of Mordor) and was hoping to fight my way through and find these dungeons...and then I had my ass handed to me on a big platter of death...over and over again D: This game is so mean! >:[
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