The lady is a designer
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Their work is glorious. I am gonna send this to a few of my friends in architecture school and encourage them to ask their professors about some of the women on this list.
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infini is doing yeoperson's work on non-U.S. topics. Many thanks.

The photos are excellent, as are the spaces. That wireframe sculpture-tower reminds me of Gaudi.

I do feel like one-third of the biographical blurbs were written by a journalist, one-third were ripped from the architect's website, and the remaining third were written by content farmers.
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Man, I am just surrounded by crappy buildings.
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Oh this is great! I idly follow a lot of architecture blogs and instagrams and was already familiar with a couple of these women's work with no context at all. I recognize the names because there is something I find incredibly pleasing modern/ traditional/ sparse/ homey about a lot of Indian and Moroccan architecture and design. The indoor/ outdoor spaces that combine hard and soft, white and color, harsh stone and green plants are just amazing. Especially after a decade of beige California outdoor spaces. Someday I will have time to really learn more about it.
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This is wonderful. Sharing, thank you!
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Can I add Damu Radheshwar?
I know her work through a friend, but still an impressive resume.
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Great post, thanks
I actually met Anupama Kundoo — one of my friends is a friend of hers and she is as brilliant in real life as one would imagine.
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I'm delighted to see these womens' masterful architectural work highlighted. I do want to mention though, relative to radicalawyer's comment, that this article feels a bit like an under-cited summary of Mary Woods' just published beautiful book on women architects in India.

The book is cited in this piece, and I don't know whether/how the names of the women highlighted here and in her book match up exactly. Regardless, for anyone interested in reading more on women architects in India, I definitely recommend seeking out the book!
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Infini tusi tope ho
India di hope ho

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eek, I hate to do this to a lady, but vanar sena sent in reference to his cousin, conservation architect, Gurmeet Sangha Rai, and I'm still in shock that her husband is the Raghu Rai

vanar, you never told us! Do an FPP on Raghu Rai though technically, does his fame outclass any tenuous link between y'all?
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Doing an FPP on RR would be so far past breaking the posting rules that I'll keep it for my mefi flameout moment.
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Don't tell me he's the relative? ;p I'll do it then. I don't know you at all. Just stumbled on to you here in this thread, noted for posterity's sake.
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Well you know the saying that all Jatts have the same grandmother, and RR has earned his Jatt cred more than many of us who were born into it.
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anyway, let's go back to discussing the greatness of Indian women in this thread ;p ;p including your shared grandmother ;p
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