"criminal versatility"
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Valerie Aurora and Leigh Honeywell write of The Al Capone Theory Of Sexual Harassment
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Compelling thesis. I hope folks take note of it.

I disagreed with a single sentence ("Does their previous employer refuse to comment on why they left?" - many companies have strict policies in regards to this), but literally every other word written in that post seems pretty solid.

I hope it's widely read, particularly by people in positions of power.
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This makes me think of this post from a few days ago.
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Aren't these numbers skewed by the common practice of throwing every offense into your list once you finally decide to prosecute / fire? Many people get caught exaggerating an expense report without getting written up, but once you do something serious they might as well throw that on the list too.
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This article starts with one of those "garden path sentences."
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Interesting, I thought the theory was going to be the more simple thesis that someone who commits one offense will often engage in others to cover up/enable the first one. This can be illustrated directly with Capone and the sexual harassment cases they list, and doesn't depend on any arguments about the type of person they are (as idiopath says, it's hard to tell whether the discovery of unrelated offenses is partly driven by an availability bias).
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I've often thought the same, but from the opposite side: it's the cool rule-breakers that typically turn out to be sexual harassers.
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Assholes will always find ways to remind you that they're assholes.
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