Olivia Wilde and Tom Sturridge on their stage roles in visceral '1984'
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Take 15 minutes to listen to john Horn talk to Olivia Wilde and Tom Sturridge about the stage adaptation of George Orwell's 1984. You can also read the interview highlights, but there's a lot more in the interview.
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(Has anyone here seen it?)
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The recent Charlie Rose interview with Sturridge (Winston), Wilde (Julia), and Reed Birney (O'Brien) certainly made me wish I was a New Yorker this summer.
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We saw this at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC back in the spring (different cast, same production), and it was harrowing. It was violent and visceral and anxiety-inducing, and a perfect reflection of the political climate.
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I saw it on Broadway, and really loathed it. I didn't get what they were going for making Wilson so befuddled at the beginning and playing with the reality he was experiencing (for example, playing one scene three times in different ways). By the torture scenes, I just didn't care about him enough for it to be more than just gratuitous torture porn.
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I saw it in London with different actors and loathed it more than Mavri. Truly truly awful. Rated 5 stars by the Guardian...
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I walked out on the Broadway production. Not because it was "too intense;" because it was too fucking boring, and, while this is partially due to the source material, too fucking insulting. Literally just not worth another hour of my life.

I will note that in the performance I half saw, the orchestra section was sparsely populated and the "room noises" -- the shifting in seats, clearing of throats etc -- that you never hear during actually good shows (because everyone is glued to their seats and engaged) were going strong.

I can't speak to other productions, but I think the Broadway production has an excellent publicist.
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