Great Grandpa: "anxious bubblegum grunge" from Seattle
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The Seattle indie-rock band Great Grandpa doesn't ignore the gracelessness of youth. It embraces it. Dubbed "slacker rock" in that NPR review by Maria Sherman, and "anxious bubblegum grunge" in a Pitchfork review by Ian Cohen, with comparisons to Weezer and Speedy Ortiz (Bandcamp), you have a decent idea of what to expect. If not, the quartet has their debut album and earlier EP up on Bandcamp, and the label for their album, Double Double Whammy, posted the full album to YouTube. In support of that 2015 EP, they made a music video for Mostly Here, and for a few tastes of them live, here's Teen Challenge from their new album, plus, Mostly Here and Cheeto Lust from their EP, plus No Hair as a bonus cut.
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Oh hell, between this and Charly Bliss's kick-ass Guppy from earlier this year, mid-90s grunge-pop is back in a huge way, isn't it? This is very relevant to my interests.
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I'm always prowling around for new (indie) music, but am usually disappointed, because my #1 demand is: Surprise me! That's a tough one; so much has already been done.

That first link (the song "Teen Challenge") had at least a couple of catchy and surprising hooks. The other songs are all at least good, so far...Thanks!
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For your/general info, Great Grandpa is touring the US now, with Vundabar (Bandcamp, "a Boston rock band who write rambunctious, garage and post-punk influenced tunes with ear-worm melodies"), Chris Farren (Bandcamp, singer/song-writer from Naples, FL with a poppy indie sound, better than average on first listen to some tracks in Can't Die), and Rozwell Kid (Bandcamp), the apparent headliner who actually leaves me a bit blah compared to the rest of the line-up ... very 1990s pop-punk revival, but without an edge.

And they're not even from New Mexico, despite their name and imagery. Their song New Mexico has a line about everyone being surprised when they move to New Mexico. Yeah, that seems to be about it.
/New Mexico grump, but I'm still hoping they play this song in Albuquerque!
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Great reco, FLT! Looks like they're playing Soda Bar tomorrow (which incidentally is where my partner and I met you millions of years ago when you were in San Diego)!
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and "anxious bubblegum grunge"

Paging Evan Dando.
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I think it's fairly reductionist to call them 'bubblegum grunge'. It's indie rock, a lot of things.

It's good, I especially likes the upward glissandos the main vocalist does, like on the Teen Challenge chorus, on 'I can't'.
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[IRL for ABQ]
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I heard these guys on the radio earlier this week and could not believe they weren't from the 90s.
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I like this a lot better than expected from the description; thanks!
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I've been holding back on Bandcamp purchases until today to support their Trans Rights campaign.

I picked up the album, and within three tracks went right back and bought the previous EP too. Love it.
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