"a love story between one woman and her vagina"
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Yes, God, Yes is a 10 minute film by Karen Maine starring Natalia Dyer. It is based on Maine's experiences of growing up Catholic in the Midwest in the 1990s, and coming of age sexually in the age of America Online. Maine was interviewed by Marta Bausells about Yes, God, Yes in The Guardian.
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Im actually a bit disappointed that they're shopping this around for a feature-length version, I think this short neatly hits exactly as it needs to. Still, I can't oppose more women-led filmmaking, so I hope this opens some doors.
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Yeah, I'm hoping that they retain the characters, themes and setting, but tell a different story. That said, it's not like the cinematic world is drowning in sensitive, truthful portrayals of teenage girls.
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That was totally delightful and, although Maine said that she didn't want it to be a nostalgia trip, for me (also a teenage girl in the 90s and learning a whole lot more about sex from the internet than my community expected) it really was. I really like the short but I could immediately think of a few ways that I'd love to see the story develop.

One point to address would be how quickly the main character got up to er, proficiency. My experience as a teen girl in a limited information environment was that key points like oh, the clitoris were not well talked about so it was a lot more difficult to learn how to masturbate (swinging couple pics notwithstanding). Far more realistic to have her fumbling around wondering what the point of it all is until one day she catches on. Not everyone is the same and not everyone's experience is the same, but that's definitely one shared by a lot of us who were teen girls back then.

Minor point of criticism aside, I loved this and thank you for sharing it!
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