“Relief! Dread. Satisfaction. Emptiness. Excitement.”
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Pushing The Edges Of Play: Lessons Learned From Making 100 Games In Five Years [Indie Games] “Developer James Earl Cox has recently completed his 100 Games in 5 Years, having wrapped up development of his taxing, rewarding journey with a cute game about a kitten in a blanket that likes to meow about things. Games about the horrors of war. Games about the horrors of getting caught watching porn. Games about racing fishmen, the well-mannered homeless, cows, sacred snails. Games about silliness, life, despair, world issues, and anything and everything in between. Cox's work has explored many, many different themes, as well as the scope of the developer's sense of purpose and humor. Now, at the end of the adventure, Cox is left to reflect on what's he gained from this undertaking, finding he's learned a great deal from working with so many different genres, ideas, and stories.”
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Sorry, I'm too busy playing 100 games right now to comment on this post! But yeah, so far I played Bundle Kitt, and Par-T Babe-E and this is pretty dang cool! I think I heard about his project at one point during the 5 years, it's amazing that he finished.

The music and sound effects for Par-T Babe-E are very enjoyable. I'm guessing the sound for most of the games are probably like that?
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Also, don't cheat yourself of the full experience by watching the playthrough of Bundle Kitt! Play it here. You can choose whether to walk left or right, and you can meow at will.
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What a great challenge! Doing something many times with slight variations is the best way to learn. Reminds me of the Coding Horror post about how quantity always trumps quality in software.
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Played through all of Bundle Kitt. A+, would play silly little kitten game again. As long as I get to meow at will.
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