Young Explorers
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Follow Bejla and Tristan as they explore their world after recently mastering walking.

Young Explorers is a short film project by Jacob Krupnick. He discusses the project with the ICP.

Found at Kottke
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Those are some seriously cute little explorers.
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Both these kids are adorable and I love the concept; kids can be such an intrepid explorers and I like highlighting that.

Our one-year-old is just starting to walk a bit (with a lot of taking little shuffle steps then taking a big step, throwing her leg way up in the air, then plopping down on her butt), and this makes me excited for when she's able to walk around more and also for when she stops licking freezer doors every chance she gets. It also terrifies me, obviously.
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I found myself trying to figure out where they were. (New York City, I got...maybe Brownstone Brooklyn for Bejla and Bay Ridge for Tristan?)
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He discusses the project with the ICP.

Words cannot express how disappointed I am that the "ICP" in that sentence was not the Insane Clown Posse.
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Thanks a lot for collapsing the waveform, Sys.
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i read the description as 'welding' and was waiting for them to get to that part the whole time
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So cute--and terrifying--the former babysitter, lifetime Auntie in me was freaking out particularly when they were in/near the street. I kept getting that swoopy "oh no" feeling in my stomach (I think that also had to do with the child's eye view perspective).
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Yeah, this is a cool project and these are charming. Also showing them in or near the street, but not showing an adult right there ready to keep them out of trouble is... it's clearly deliberate given the interview, he wants to make us think about overprotectiveness but omg tell me there is a parent just exactly outside the frame keeping that baby out of the street gah.

OTOH, the bodega cat in Bejla's film +++.
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