Come for the kitties, stay for the mad knife skillz
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Chef and cat owner (or cat owner and chef, if you prefer) Jun Yoshizuki (previously) likes to prepare lavish birthday meals for his cats. His YouTube channel, Jun's Kitchen, has lots of great human food, as well as knife techniques, but his chill cats figure prominently in most of them. (Also previously as one half of Rachel and Jun.) [h/t]
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I'm pretty sure that when you reach this point, the cat is the owner. :)
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The knife skills are amazing and I want to learn, but he is torturing the cats
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Also previously
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Dogs get most of the credit for this, but those are such good kitties! So good!
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Alright, after this and the previous knife thing, I'm subscribed. I love everything about this. The kittehs! The tidiness that makes me want to go clean my kitchen!
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I used to have a kitty like that. He wanted to smell all the ingredients while I was cooking and was interested in the process even though he wasn't necessarily interested in the result, so he wasn't a pest. He wasn't a food hound ordinarily, except for dried squid, which he was mad for.
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Lots of cats are really interested in what's going on around them. It's a shame when people assume they, or any animal, are only motivated by basic greed or hunger.

Their minds are going 100% of the time they're awake, just like with any animal, and once the basic needs are met, minds are always working on something else, even when it's not visibly clear.

The recent study showing that cats like people more than food is another angle on this, and made me very happy to learn about it.
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In the "prominently" link, he makes a mouthwateringly appetizing ramen...that takes two days to prepare!

In that video are two excellent examples of mutual grooming by his kitties: one at 4:20 and the other at 5:50. Very happy, well adjusted cats!
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My cats, constant companions no matter the room, always hang out with me while I cook in the kitchen. One takes a keen interest in particular, and I'm constantly offering things for her to sniff as I go along. They're engaged liked Jun's cats, a well-behaved cheering section. Unfortunately for my cats, I absolutely do not have the skills to make decadent feline feasts like he can! What fun videos.
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