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Also, I would like to say that I un-ironically enjoy this movie a good bit.
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I think I broke my ass.

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Brother Reed. You have messed up my Afro.
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“via con Dios”

I suspect the "oral" part may be incorrect.
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HA. Vaya not equals Via.
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I noticed a few typos. We are not in copyediting's Golden Age.
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Kenan is literally the longest-tenured cast member ever on SNL (currently tied with Darrell Hammond), but I still think of him as the guy from All That.
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And ironically, back then All That was funnier than SNL was at the time. (Though neither was as funny as MadTV.)
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I tell you EVERYTING!

I missa MadTV.
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It's interesting to compare Roundhouse and All That. Roundhouse was the much more innovative show. (Remember when they did a live episode? I think they even did live commercials--am I remembering that right?) It also felt a lot edgier--to me as a kid, anyway. I remember an episode about gang violence with a morally ambiguous ending and no closing theme song.

It was also so 90s in its costumes and decor. Whereas All That has that same timelessly gaudy look that Nickelodeon shows have had since the early days. I wonder if that has something to do with why people remember and talk about All That more.
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I only rarely watch Nick for kids, and for adults, never, if they have such a thing. I offered to watch a movie or two with my Grandson the other evening. This was his first choice. I think I have descended into flat affect hell from the times we live in. I watched this, wondering, why they made it. I enjoyed Keenan, and the thinly held together bad guys and plot, were contrived, of course every plot every contrived is contrived. I am genuinely sorry Nickelodeon stays in business. The one good thing is the productions in the electronic medium don't fill the oceans with trash, just their merchandise.
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Ah man, this has been in my Netflix queue for over a year. Thanks, and maybe look out for a FanFare soon!
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I noticed a few typos. We are not in copyediting's Golden Age.

A few years back I recognized that we seem to be headed back to a pre-prescriptive era of spelling. (Like Shakespeare, I try to tell myself, to no avail.)
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I watched this, wondering, why they made it.

Oh my lord it's a movie for kids. Of course it's contrived. But it's not only harmless contrivance; it's sincere and genuinely fun. That it survives and resonates in this age of cynicism and irony is a blessing. When kids get older they can delve into some Werner Herzog or Todd Solondz. Being a kid is for watching shallow but fun light-hearted comedies.
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I've had the Kenan & Kel theme music stuck in my head for the last week or so. This isn't helping.
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When kids get older they can delve into some Werner Herzog or Todd Solondz.

Hah, yeah. Ask me about seeing "The Shining" and "The Tin Drum" when I was 11.
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man, I miss All That. It was really accessible for teenagers at the time as a relatable intro into the world of sketch comedy.
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A charming movie. The Clinton cameo floored and delighted me.
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He's also in PCU! Which is a movie not totally without positives.
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Hah, yeah. Ask me about seeing "The Shining" and "The Tin Drum" when I was 11.

Gottcha beat. Tommy on the big screen IN the theatre.

Also, had to watch it again when I saw someone mention it was on Netflix. My time was not wasted and I snickered quite a few times tonight. Cheers!
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(I should clarify I was 2 or 3ish when I saw Tommy.)

(Acid Queen nightmares haunted me for a goodly bit afterwards.)

(And, on preview, I should mention the IT I watched tonight was Good Burger.)
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And I just want everybody to understand I should really think my comments out for clarity before I hit "Post Comment" so I avoid extensive postscripts, in case you were wondering.
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Just watched this with my kids and they ADORED it.
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I'm watching this right now and it's silly as hell. Kel/Ed is an all-star.
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To sum up: this is a GREAT little comedy, at least as good as "Half Baked" or "PCU," differing pretty much only in cultural references and a lack of swearing. Abe Vigoda does say "ass," once, which someone on IMDB actually had a problem with. "I thought I could watch this with my children."

I'd like to find some reviews by African Americans about Ed to see if anybody with more knowledge than me connects him with that kinda Mantan/Rochester character of old. He's not lazy, though, so maybe that makes all the difference, or the movie just isn't taken seriously enough to put the thought in.
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