Detroit '67
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"This July marks the 50th anniversary of the civil disturbance and unrest that erupted in Detroit. [...] As we planned our coverage, we wondered: What would it have been like to witness the summer of '67 with the tools and technologies of today?" As part of its anniversary coverage, on July 23 the Detroit Free Press began posting news reports from the time along with current-day perspective via three social media accounts: Detroit1967 (Facebook), @Detroit_1967 (Twitter), and @Detroit_1967 (Instagram), while the Detroit Historical Society has collected over 400 stories from Metro Detroit residents as part of its Detroit 1967 Oral and Written History Project. [Note: some of the Detroit Free Press links may contain autoplaying content.]
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Obligatory MC5: The Motor City is Burning
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i remember that day clearly - i was listening to top 40 on the radio and they interrupted the news to tell about it

i was from outstate, but i've gone to detroit from time to time - the decline and suffering of a once great city is apparent every time i go there

12th street is now rosa parks blvd, but blocks of it was never rebuilt

and the ballpark i watched the 68 tigers play baltimore is now gone, except they've maintained the actual diamond at michigan and trumbell

it's like visiting the apocalypse - but there are many other smaller towns in the midwest that have just as desolate sections

still, history weighs heavy on detroit - it never recovered from that awful summer
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Obligatory Gordon Lightfoot: Black Day in July. Radio stations in 30 states pulled the song for "fanning the flames", even though the song was a plea for racial harmony. Lightfoot then stated station owners cared more about playing songs "that make people happy" and not those "that make people think."
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The RNC convention last year in Cleveland coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Riots in Cleveland's Hough neighborhood.
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1967 is beyond my understanding. I was there, and amazingly unaware. I was in Flint, 10 years old, and clueless. And went to summer camp for my fist time.
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Financial Times ~8min video on Detroit 1967

I don't think it's been mentioned so it seems worth noting that there's a film by Kathryn Bigelow &co in theatres at the moment.
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