I roll on the stinkiest corpse!
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Dungeons and Doggos! A brand new web comic about puppers playing tabletop rpg. The very first comic posted on June 30, 2017: "There is an ogre sleeping in the room. What do you do?" (via Tor.com)
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I am this target demographic, but isn't tumblr a terrible site to use for this? I just want to see the comics but it seems like there is no simple way to do this.
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nk dogs, Brent they're bli
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I just failed a resist cuteness saving throw.
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Hey this is great! Thanks!
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I'm preparing to (finally) DM my first D&D session on Monday, and it's investigation-based, so this one spoke to me.
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Me: *rolls d20 and consults reaction table*
Me: "Awwww."
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Hey, those are some cute nerd doggos!
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For people annoyed at how Tumblr displays images (raises hands, despite being on Tumblr all the time), try the other platforms? Dungeons and Doggos is also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! @DnDoggos
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If you want to keep reading it on Tumblr for whatever reason, and not use the other outlets, just click on the #comic hashtag for a comics only experience.
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I feel this is some postmodern riff on dogs playing poker.
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I feel this is some postmodern riff on dogs playing poker.

You do know, poker does NOT involve Mountain Dew, dice, character sheets, RP OR casting against the darkness right?

Also, I am pretty much chalking it up to the complete inability to resist the terrible pun in the title.

Like it though. The only dog I could get along with would be a nerd dog. (stares at dork cat)
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EVERYBODY wins at fetch!
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I was excited for the show "Downward Dog" based on the concept but watched it for about 5 minutes before coming away disappointed. The writers on the show clearly do NOT understand dogs. They've put a depressed human in a dog's body. It's not a show about a lonely dog, it's a show about a lonely person trapped in a dog's body.

This comic does it right. If dogs could play D&D, this is what it would look like.

EVERYBODY wins at fetch!

I like to tell people that one of my advantages is that I'm both smart and lazy. I understand that certain things NEED to be done but I'm good at finding the most efficient way to accomplish it so that I can get back to being lazy.

I'm oddly proud that my dog exhibits the same traits. When we go to the dog park, she likes to run around with other dogs. Often it will be a dog that just wants to chase a ball (or a pack of them). But she can't run as fast as most other dogs so when a ball is thrown, she'll run after it, start to lose them about half way and stop. Then she simply waits for them to come back the other way so she can run with them some more. You can see her waiting around the halfway point vibrating with anticipation as the dogs come racing back.

And if you asked her, she'd tell you that yes, she won at fetch.
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was excited for the show "Downward Dog" based on the concept but watched it for about 5 minutes

It gets better - really seems to pick up the ball at about episode 3 - although I enjoyed it from the beginning - IMO it characterizes dogs who are more human-socialized, rather than dog-socialized.

For example, I know someone who is owned by a 6-year-old West Island Terrier - he thinks he is "people" - I swear, when we say the word "dog", he looks around as if to say: "a dog, here? where? I like dogs".

If his owner goes away for more than 30-minutes, his world is over, he can't eat, can barely pickup his head, etc. Even though he has a younger "brother" to play with (new, only 7 months old).
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I've seen a dog attack a gazebo, so this does not seem all that far fetched.
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