Powell Announces Mideast Conference
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Powell Announces Mideast Conference Could this, a world-wide conference, finally resolve the mess in ;the Middle East?
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I really really want to say yes, but experience tells me not to get my hopes very high. First of all the Palestinians and Israelis will have to agree to such an idea. Secondly, they will have to quit putting conditions on their attendance. Thirdly, we will have to make sure that we as people of the world voice our concerns about fair treatment of both sides as loudly as possible, so it just doesnt become another middle east conference. Fourthly, the world should be ready to forcibly implement any agreements on both sides to the crisis. Fifth, both sides would not be allowed to leave the conference, in the case of an agreement, unless they both understand and are on the same wavelength as to what the syntax and symantics of the agreement really mean. I mean no party should be allowed to define "leave west bank now", or "suicide bomber/terrorist" according to their own comfort. If the above five do come any close to being possible, then I am afraid that one factor is still able to diminish my hopes. Sixth, forgiveness.

I can only wish, pray and hope.
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I don't know about "finally solving the mess"-- I'd be pleased with simply implementing a few initial steps that start making life a little more bearable for Israelis and Palestinians. "A Palestinian state ... based on the principles that are critical to freedom and prosperity: democracy and open markets, the rule of law, transparent and accountable administration and respect for individual liberties and civil society" certainly sounds preferable to the current situation.
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Kuuumbaaayaaaaah my lord... Seriously, Powell is making a fool of himself yet again by taking part in this let's-all-hold-hands exercise. This is the kind of stuff the UN and EU tends to engage in; not serious nations like the US.
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I believe that there will be a lot of BIG SWEEPING STATEMENTS about LONG AND LASTING CHANGES FOR PEACE followed by back patting and hand shaking and a lot of wheeling and dealing and then lots more killin' and dyin'.
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I predict they skip straight to the killin' and dyin' part. The mood is not right for peacemongering.
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No, but it might shut the pesky europeans up for a couple weeks.
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Nothing will shut the Europeans up. But it may be an opportunity for the silent majority to stand up and be counted.

There are lots of Palestinians who want peace.

There are lots of Israeli's who want peace.

There are lots of people in the whole world who want peace there.

A little bit of bullying by the Bush administration _might_ see it happen.

Or it might see Arafat go back to attacks again now that he's out, and full scale war might erupt. We can only hope for peace.
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Here is one of the problems to peace in the middle east. Hamas.
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Here's another.
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laz-e-boy, do you or anyone else really believe that if Israel gave everything the Palestinians wanted land and state wise, that all the terrorist activity against Israel would cease?
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Here's another.
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