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From the "Steven Universe Sing-Along" at this year's SDCC, here is Estelle performing "Stronger Than You". SLYT because we could all use a little more awesome in our lives.
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I watch this show with my wife and five-year-old daughter. This show does everything right, it is freakish. It has fantastic art and design. It is hilarious without being aggressive. It has superb music written by the show's creator. It is diverse and feminist, with compelling and sympathetic male characters. It gradually builds a stunning fantasy world and a story tackling sci-fi concepts better than most things targeted at adults, because of course it is targeted at adults, along with everyone else. Watch the show imho
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Love this. The fandom can be a drama bomb but this show is a wonder.

I can't find it again, and I certainly can't vouch for it, but I saw a Tumblr post by someone who said that her little daughter instantly grasped the concept of her mom's nonbinary friend - "oh, like Stevonnie!" she said, and went back to coloring - because of SU.
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Oh, I so needed this today. Thank you thank you thank you. Just know you helped out an Internet stranger just by posting this. :)
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I cried yesterday when I saw this, and so did half the people I shared it with. Couldn't have come at a better time.
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Thanks for posting this, Ipsifendus -- it's exactly what I needed today <3
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I saw this on the interwebs yesterday. I literally cannot overstate how much i loved this original scene. It still gives me chills, it still fills me with a sense of triumph that I cannot otherwise express. Love will triumph! Queer love! It is better and stronger than you!! Ugh. This song was such an empowering experience at the time for me. Not only are they nonsexualized lesbians, their love is celebrated! Their love is what makes them strong, makes them Good. We've got 2 queer characters here who are better for being queer, better for being in love under those circumstances, better for their friends and better for each other. And all of that is portrayed as being strong. Queer love is Strength. Tearing up right now. There's a lot to be said for the kind of strength that Steven universe praises.

thank you for sharing this i love you metafilter
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Estelle is such a beautiful queen of the universe.

I've often talked about how Steven -- a boy! -- has powers that are based on empathy, healing and protection. You generally don't see boy characters who have that sort of power.

I am so charmed and delighted every time I see boys/young men who have Steven's body type cosplaying as him. Like, sure, it's a really easy costume, but I'm so happy there's someone they can relate to and dress as.

(And Rebecca Sugar based Steven on her own brother, Steven and I cry ...)

I am so far behind on Steven Universe right now, but few things make me as happy as that show.
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I cried. But I cry during almost every episode of Steven Universe, even the funny ones.
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(And Rebecca Sugar based Steven on her own brother, Steven and I cry ...)

...and he's the primary background artist on the show!
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I should be watching this show, shouldn't I?
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Yes, hanov3r. This show got me through December/January.

Is there anything else spoiler-free from SDCC? I don't want spoilers but Estelle singing is great and so are the crowd scenes.
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Confirmation that more episodes are coming, and (no spoilers) they're going to be amazing. That sneak peak was so good, and it inspired SO MUCH super spoily fanart. I am champing at the bit to get some new episodes again.
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nat, I think the only spoiler-free stuff at SDCC was Estelle & AJ Michalka singing Here Comes A Thought accompanied by Rebecca Sugar on ukelele. Other videos contain huge spoilers for upcoming episodes, so careful with the suggested videos on that link. It's a nice minimal performance though. This has got to be the only cartoon in history with a musical number about mindfulness meditation / cognitive behavioral therapy.
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There are serious spoilers from SDCC. I won't say anything about them, other than that they are awesome and hilarious.

I should be watching this show, shouldn't I?

You don't know the most recent things! Oh god you have to catch up.

I should be watching this show, shouldn't I?

Yes. It is the best thing on TV. It's a shame that Cartoon Network is literally only showing three things this week: premiere episodes O.K. KO! (which is great), a movie showing of Megamind, and everything else is like six days' worth of Teen Titans Go. It is the most atrocious programming schedule I've ever seen, and this is coming after literally months of nearly constant TTG.
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Most of Steven Universe is on Hulu, a site which lets you do repeated free trials (at least in America)
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It's one of the few shows I just automatically subscribe to on Amazon. Take my money. Keep making more forever please.
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I get SU on Amazon but there is often a delay from release of new episodes on Cartoon Network to Amazon; sometimes a few hours, sometimes weeks if it's between seasons/hiatuses.

So, uh, I go other places online the day of release, but I pay for my episodes on Amazon without hesitation because this show not only rewards re-watches, it kind of demands them. It's not as clue-heavy as Gravity Falls, but things from the very first episode onward (which is goofy as hell) will be referenced later in episodes that make you cry.
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Anyone who wants to start watching the show for the first time should probably be aware that this is the correct order for the season 1 episodes, which tends to be kind of a mess on most streaming services (for various reasons). Seasons 2 and beyond are generally in better shape, although if there are any questions this list has the ordering of all the episodes.

On a more personal note, the first half of season 1 tends to be somewhat monster-of-the-week despite all the foreshadowing and alternates between "enjoyably goofy and weird" and "enjoyable but kind of irritating", but then around the time of the midseason Ocean Gem/Mirror Gem two-parter, starts becoming one of the best things on TV. 25 episodes might sound like a lot to get to the "good parts", but they're 11 minutes long and eminently bingeable.
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The people on the show's subreddit constantly recommend new viewers who want to get into the show quickly watch in what they call "flood order." It goes:
Cheeseburger Backpack, Laser Light Cannon, Bubble Buddies, Steven’s Lion, Giant Woman, Steven the Sword Fighter, Lion 2: The Movie, An Indirect Kiss, Mirror Gem, Ocean Gem, Tiger Millionaire, Lars and the Cool Kids, Rose’s Room, Coach Steven, Joking Victim, and Monster Buddies.

I've bolded Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem since those are the points where a lot of people say the show really gets good, but that comes at the cost of changing the whole nature of the show. Steven Universe spends the entire first half of the first season setting up Steven's relationships with the Crystal Gems, his dad, Connie and the rest of Beach City.

Personally, I think the first episode you watch matters immensely to how quickly you get into the show. Because of this, the episode I use to introduce people is Lion 2: The Movie. It leaves many things unexplained, but not so much that you're completely lost, it's the first non-introductory Connie episode, but most importantly it gets across the show's setting the best of all the first 26 episodes: it's very much like the real world (silly action movies, snacks, iPhones), but there's all this mysterious magic stuff happening (the Gems, Lion, a secret armory, the Robot Shooty Thing, Mystery Sword).
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