The power of an eyebrow pencil
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Lip art from makeup artist Mimi Choi
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She's super talented, but a lot of her stuff is REALLY gross looking.

Well done, but G R O S S.
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Her artwork is incredible. Some of it is disturbing (erm, warning for potential body horror content) but there's some amazing visual effects in there. I especially like the psychadelic one.

Thank you for the links!
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Wow, some of these are amazing. (And yeah, fair warning to clickers, some are sorta squicky -- illusion of face peeling off to expose muscle, that kind of thing)
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She's very talented, and I like how she alters 3-D surfaces to create unnerving effects. (People bothered by body horror might not want to click. On the other hand, people with some drawing skills who want early Halloween ideas definitely want to click.)
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Holy cow, she is amazing.

Don't miss the hand sushi, where she paints her wrist to blend in with the plate .

Great find , thanks for posting!
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Most of the mouth and eye related illusions are a little too squicky for me, but I totally love the snake wrapped around the eyebrow one!
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Body horror and trypophobia AHOY, but yes amazing.
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I'm always completely fascinated by people who can paint like that to create optical illusions. She's got so much skill. It's amazing.
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the best thing about her instagram is a good number of her photos are just photos of herself (?) and others with very well-done regular makeup on, but you just stare at them for a while looking for the extra eyeball or the gateway to hell in the nice woman's face, getting real nervous. and after a while you can't tell if it's secretly there in all of them or not.
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