A desert is a place without expectation
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Luca Tombolini:
In my photography I’m following a fascination for desert primordial places. No other places are so helpful in making that mind shift needed to try to enquire beyond our limited lifetime. This process implies contemplation, the Self, the Unconscious and the perceived reality. I’ve found photography particularly efficient to make considerations about time, either when it’s clearly stopping it or on the contrary when it gives the impression of compressing time as if the moment pictured could have existed forever.
The photographer's website has more stunning landscapes.
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"I like the desert because it's clean."
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These are lovely, but rather too minimalist for my taste. When it comes to mind-bending photographic explorations of deep time in the desert, give me Erik Thorvaldsen any day of the week. Much more my style.

(Also, Tombolini insists on putting those stupid fat white borders around his photos on Instagram, proving once again that just because you're an artist doesn't mean you have the basic design sense of an avocado. Never in my life have I wanted the pictures on Insta to be smaller than they already are, landscapes especially.)
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Tombolini is definitely a fan of the teal-and-orange aesthetic.
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Tombolini's pieces seem like they need vaporwave behind them. The colors seem Nagel-y. Pretty tho.
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Metafilter: The colors seem Nagel-y.
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