H'Angus the Monkey
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H'Angus the Monkey becomes Mayor of Hartlepool! He's the mascot of the local football team and won one of the UK's first direct mayoral elections. The people of Hartlepool got the nickname Monkey Hangers after a monkey from a wrecked ship was hung as a French Spy. Who says democracy's dead?
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He got a good review from John Humphrys on the Today programme this morning. A Tory spokesman made fun of his "free bananas for all" platform and Humphrys asked how was this different from the Conservative Party's idea of "free apples for all".

Great stuff! Needless to say - you'll excuse the self-link - it was duly celebrated earlier this morning on the Monkeys' Paradise site!
posted by MiguelCardoso at 2:03 AM on May 3, 2002

Goddamn. I was just googling for "monkey hanger" to round out my own FPP.

I thought this was a good 'un: http://www.wkyo.freeserve.co.uk/safc/rivalry.htm

With its informative map here:


Read all about Pit Yackers, Sand Dancers and Mackems.

I must say the phrase "Where the monkey keeps his nuts" takes on a new resonance with this story.
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o the humiliation.
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At the risk of getting off topic, here's a good bit about Mackems. Having spent the last few years living in London being asked why I'm called a Mackem it was nice to find out!!
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It almost makes up for the redundancy of the ITV Digital monkey at the start of the week. And heh, going from a call-centre job (plus monkey business at weekends) to £53k/year isn't bad, either.
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Miguel, how can you listen to the Today programme and have time to do all of this stuff! It must be that cigar...

This is a good thing for local democracy and interesting 'young people' in politics. He looks like he's got some good ideas and aminly just seems angry. My favourite quote of his: "it's a desperate situation when a monkey can get elected as mayor isn't it".
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Best H'angus the monkey picture ever. Ok, let's see, first step in political career: public drunken monkey sex. Got it.
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