They're All Good Employees, Brent
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Like most businesses, New Jersey's Josephson Hardwood Floors - a floor refinishing service - has a Facebook page. The owner likes to do a little something fun alongside the usual business posts, though - he takes pictures of the pets at each of the houses where he works and posts them to the site as "Our Employees Of The Week".

The owner's son Tweeted about his father's habit yesterday, and the story is rapidly going viral, with several thousand retweets by now. Candidacy for "employee of the week" isn't limited to dogs - there are cats and donkeys who have received the honor as well.
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Come for the dogs, stay for the floors. So many beautiful floors!
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During our (still ongoing) kitchen nightmare, the workers have often said that one of our cats (Dusty) was the supervisor because she was always in checking on them. The "still ongoing" piece proves that cats are kind of shitty supervisors.

I would 100% do this if I was going to people's houses to do work. I mean, I take a picture of people's pets every time I visit anybody so of course I'd do it professionally if I could.
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This is weapons-grade #dadops and this man is rightly celebrated for his contributions.
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There are people in the Twitter thread who are reporting that they live in this guy's service area "and I am totally going to look this guy up to redo my floors now".
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When i lived in Watertown, MA there was an auto repair shop down the street that we would take our car to. The shop backed up to the Charles River. One day we walked down to pick up a car and there was nobody in the shop. After walking around a bit we saw the entire crew on the roof. We asked what they were doing and they said "we're watching the red tailed hawks!"

That's when I knew we found the right auto repair shop.
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The "still ongoing" piece proves that cats are kind of shitty supervisors.

You need that donkey. Obviously that donkey is the *best* supervisor!
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So many beautiful floors!

Really! That's real craftspersonship. The Southern Heart Pine is gorgeous. Also, yay pets!
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When I was a kid, we had a beautiful (and spoiled) springer spaniel. Dad used to let her hang out in his shop. Sometimes she'd lie on customers' feet while he waited on them.

One spring, he had her with him when he ran by a local hardwood dealer. He told her to stay in the car (windows down) while he walked up to their lumber yard, worried they wouldn't want a dog running around.

"I need some walnut for a project. Can one of y'all help me?" he asked.

"Absolutely not," one of them said.

"Why not?"

Dude pointed to the car. "I only sell you wood if you bring that dog over here," he said.

Dad's never bought wood anywhere else since.
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This is brilliant marketing.
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Wow, Kobe the cat at that 'cats' link has formed such a beautiful loafly shape. A+++++ would admire angular loaf again.
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The son who Tweeted things has alerted his father, and occasionally posts screenshots of their text conversations. One of them is discussing how people are reacting to the fact that people are happy that donkeys and cats are included in the feed as well: and the father's response is, "oh hey, there's a parakeet picture somewhere too, I need to find that."
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"Dogs for wood!" "Dogs for wood!"
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That's a new variation of Catan.
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Ralph, after being told he's a wood boy.
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Fantastic. I wish I could give them my business.
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This is brilliant marketing.
It completely is, but they also appear to be the real deal: a small, third-generation family-owned business that does really beautiful work, run by a guy who likes taking pictures of dogs and who seems to have a good relationship with his son. So yay! How often is a viral internet story just legitimately positive and happy?
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