All that's missing is a tiny, red Swingline stapler.
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Derrick Lin creates vignettes of the daily grind using miniatures and office supplies, then photographs them with his iPhone: "Working in advertising, I constantly have to deal with chaos and curveballs thrown at me from every direction. Seeing the absence of a proper outlet, I decided to challenge myself to turn those little mundane and frustrating moments I have at work into visual stories and inject humor in them," he adds. "The best medium I found for those 'little voices in my head' was the miniature figures. I then started utilizing them as a manifestation of my honest thoughts in a metaphorical or exaggerated way and started my photography series on Instagram."
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Scrolling through these I thought they seemed a little melodramatic about office life, but then I read the caption with this one and am now entirely on board.
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This one, too.
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These are great.

When I was in medical school, my and my BFF decided to do a pediatric surgery elective. For those who don't know, pediatric surgeons are the baddest ass of the bad ass. In utero cardiac surgery, removing life threatening tumors from infants, correcting weird 1 in 10 millions congenital birth defects, separating conjoined twins. These people are, and treat themselves, like gods gift to medicine. They have little time for lesser people.

Fortunately, these surgeries are relatively rare, even at a University Hospital it's maybe one or two cases a week. But they tend to come in as emergencies and when you gotta go to the OR, you gotta go now. So, as third year medical students our job was to just be present 24 hours a day so we'd be ready for those 2 cases a week where we'd stand off to theside of the surgeon for some 10 hour case, holding a tiny retractor .

The surgeon was a bit of an asshole. We were told we needed to be within earshot of him from 6 am to 9 pm at night, roughly the hours he kept in office. Except he wasn't interested in teaching us through all those hours and didn't was us crammed into his office, so our job was to sit in his university hospital waiting room for hours upon hours upon hours, waiting for the call.

I recall he had these two stuffed dinosaurs (I think they might have been Pharma company schwag) sitting on the receptionist's desk. As neither of us were going in to surgery, we did what we good to relieve the boredom. We would use any and all medical supplies available to decorate those two plush dinos. Cotton swabs and a suit made from surgical dressings became a medieval dinosaur jousting tournament. With a collection of tongue depressors and highlighters, one Dino became a wild turkey while suture sets, old surgical instruments and gauze helped the other become a Pilgrim (it was thanksgiving). But the piece de resistance was a snowy Christmas scene arranged around the waiting room, complete with an orthoglass snowy landscape, a sled constructed of tongue depressors, a Santa beard glued onto a Dino using dermabond, Christmas trees made from demonstration only vena cava filters, drug company chocolates wrapped in post its and placed in the tongue depressor sled.

The 2 classmates after us decide to continue this activity, Pass it along again9
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