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It's hard to tell which is uppermost in your mind, "Awwww" or "Ahhhh!": behold Jurassic Kitten, (including outtakes). Some like the sequel even better: Purrassic World. But if light sabers are more your thing, you may prefer Darth Kitten, or Star Wars: The Kitten Awakens (also with outtakes).
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I read once someplace (not bothering to search) the idea that if dogs were the size of cars, people would still want one, but if cats were the size of cars they'd be illegal as pets.

As a cat person, I'm not going to disagree.

For starters, the strain on the waste management system carting away all that litter and waste would bankrupt most cities.
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Almost forgot: Jurassic kittens previously.
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Don't neglect the hypothetical other way round.
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Loved this! Somehow the raptor-sized cats looke much scarier than the raptors themselves/ Possibly because I've lived with (and been bitten by) cats.

Those two kids in that ball thing are really in trouble...
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Oh sure, when I was married, we owned guns and always said that if the cats had opposable thumbs we would have had to srore them offsite, just in case we rubbed their bellies just a second too long...

n.b. it was a community property state so I say "we" but I divorced the weapons as well as the man.
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Hell, a 25 lbs Maine Coon with a mean streak would make me really nervous. I'm a big guy and I can only just physically master a 12 lb moggie.
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There's those videos about that guy who is friends with a group of lions and shows him rolling around with them and stuff, and I wonder if they left out the scenes which resulted in stitches or if they're really just that gentle with him.
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