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What happens when you're a rescue pup, your best friend has been hospitalized for five weeks, and some strange-looking fella who's fifty pounds lighter shows up? You learn to stop trusting your eyes and start trusting your nose!
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Man, I needed that this morning. So good. Thanks for posting!
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Awww, that is so great!
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That split-second, major transition from "uhhh??" to "AAAAHHHHHH!" ...
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This is so nice.
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that made me so happy
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Ahhh! That video is wonderful. "Who is this stranger? OH MY GOD MY BELOVED HAS RETURNED!"
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Look, mister stranger, you’d better watch your step, bc I’m in charge until my dad gets home!!!!!!!


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Literally brought tears to my eyes when he recognized his friend. Thanks for this.
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Super super sweet, thank you.
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Soooo beautiful.
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I wonder if he heard the familiar voice but wasn't sure where it was coming from...and who is that weird guy anyway OMGDAAAAAD!!!
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In addition to the dog (is there anything more perfectly demonstrative of happiness than a happy dog?) the joy/laughter of the family/friends in the background is pretty great too.
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Awwww! So wonderful!
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That split-second, major transition from "uhhh??" to "AAAAHHHHHH!" ...

Yep, perfect example of how expressive just one part of a dog's body language can be. There's a great moment where Willie's ears went from "who dis?" to "BESTEST FRAND!" in the brief instant before Maximum Wigglebutt Overdrive was engaged.
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mai name is dog
i know u not
when i c u
i bark a lot

but when i sniff
fear is replaced
its my hoomin!
I lik ur face
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I like how his initially standoffishness is also decidedly confused and a bit hesitant. Like he seems to recognize Best Friend's voice, but his eyes aren't matching and it's driving him nuts.
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But then the nose knows and all is settled and it's time to WIGGLE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND WAG MUCH TAIL.
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Oh, the wiggles!
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