Kasou Taishou, from a history of bunraku and practical effects
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Kasou Taishou, or 欽ちゃん&香取慎吾の全日本仮装大賞 (translation: Kinchan and Katori Shingo's All Japan Costume Grand Prix), is a semi-annual television show in Japan in which groups or individuals perform short skits that are rated by a panel of judges. Nothing exceptional yet, you say? In the last decade or two, many of the skits have expanded from the bunraku-inspired performances and revolved around clever methods of "faking" cinematic special effects on a live stage. The most famous is probably "Matrix ping pong" from 2003 (YT re-post; previously), but as gathered in this Imgur gallery and this YouTube playlist titled "Masquerade Japan", there's a lot of creativity to discover. Or sit back and enjoy the complete 2017 94th All Japan Kasoh Grand Prix on Daily Motion.
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I am off work sick with a cold today. My whole body aches, I'm wigged out on cold and flu drugs and I don't understand Japanese. This is perfect.
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Oh my god, this is amazing.
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On the more low key amazing side, I really liked Gymnasium Mirrors for how well it was pulled off.

While on the more robustly humorous tip, Orangutan Conductor was a real winner.

Most of the others were enjoyable as well of course, those two just stood out as early favorites.
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It makes my head ache just to contemplate the planning and practice that go into each skit. Coming up with a good concept, then doing the production/logistics stuff, and being able to perform it publicly, with a coordinated team...wow.
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I think the weed wacker was my favorite.
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Hahaha please watch the basketball dribbling one! Mite kudasai!
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This is good!
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Penguins Escape!
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Skydiving is actually pretty good. They use some really clever and cute set tricks.

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we just watched the 2017 episode and it is really, really great! Make sure watch it too!
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