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Dominoes and Fire. That's it. Just dominoes toppling, mostly thanks to creative application of flames and explosions.
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Can they really be dominoes if you can't play dominoes with them?
posted by oddman at 11:51 AM on August 10

This is exactly the thing I needed to not show my son until he's old enough to vote
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Time to go searching through antique shops for nitrocellulose dominoes.
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for some reason, I came expecting exploding pizza... nice variation on a theme though.
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I was thinking it would be a political thread . . . It is sure timely.
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That was much better than I expected. I'm a fan of Rube Goldberg and domino toppling type stuff. Often these are very showy or include loads of pieces but aren't really clever or interesting. This was a good one. The waving paper and dripping candle were my favorites.
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So many jump cuts, kinda ruins the domino effect for me.
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The second half of the video repeats all the same tricks without jump cuts.
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Boggling at having the sort of time necessary to construct these things. The planning, the precision involved in setting up each part, the knowledge required - just, *explosion sound*... Well done!

And here, I feel lucky if I don't cause a chain reaction like that on the highway, most days. Ha.
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Was disappoint.
I really wanted lots of booming and shaking and more sparklers.
posted by BlueHorse at 3:16 PM on August 10

More sparklers? Those things were killing me with anticipation. Hurry up stupid sparkler! Make the next thing happen already.
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