I don't know how these cats got in this pizza hut
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Commercials with cats. A cat branches out in the box business and packs a box for delivery. Gangster cats try to avoid getting baths: "We'll not endure bathrooms any longer!" Two roommates have trouble with their gravity defying kitten. Cats take over a Pizza Hut franchise (YouTube) Need a little kitty pick me up? Chew some gum. And let the cats Nyalan and Deshi be your travel guides.

(Cats selling things other than cat food or kitty litter previously on MeFi: Netto Discount Groceries and Catvertising)
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I really really needed this right now.

Thank you.
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One of my favorite cat commercials was "Cat Herders" for EDS.
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excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour rallycat?
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Ok, the Pizza Hut cats made me snort. Sometimes just letting cats be cats is all the funny I need.
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There's also the French telecom company that did a cat ad.
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