Another interview with Greg Palast.
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Another interview with Greg Palast. This is a follow-up to the previously discussed interview with the self-imposed exile journalist.
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This one's sailing way over my head. What's so significantly different between this story in guerillanews about Greg Palast and the geurillanews story about Greg Palast linked to two weeks ago that we should all be made aware of it's existence?
posted by dchase at 2:46 PM on May 3, 2002

If the guy weren't so determinedly breezy he might come off a little more credibly. I mean, second page and he's basically accusing people of murder on nothing but circumstantial evidence. Then he goes in one sentence from "sell off" to "give away". And to mention Chavez while pretending the entire coutnry didn't go on strike in December over a series of forty-nine decrees that were passed without review by the legislature and completely restructured sectors of the economy one by one -- well, the man just comes off as deliberately dishonest, rather than revealing.

The documentary he brings in, The Commanding Heights, focused for much of its six hours on the "downside" of globalization. The major theme is the theoretical battle for much of the 20th century between the economic philosophy of Keynes vs. that of Hayek. Globalization itself is taken as a given -- Palast, of course, is using the Battle in Seattle shorthand where globalization is defined as "those bad things that happen as a result of globalization".
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dchase, it's not that different, rather a continuation of the other one which would interest those who enjoyed the first one. I didn't think that violated the guidelines for posting.

dhartung, yeah, his tone is breezy to say the least, but I give him a break since it's an interview rather than a news piece. He has me intrigued enough that I'll probably get his book and see if I find his claims convincing when laid out in full detail.
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