Lady Kung Fu is Alive and Well and Living in Queens
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Ever seen "Enter the Dragon," the Bruce Lee masterpiece? Then you've seen Angela Mao. She portrayed his sister who got killed, in an epic battle between her and Robert Wall, a famous martial artist. I actually thought that was the highlight of the film. Anyhow, she disappeared from Hong Kong film-making in the early 90s and recently resurfaced in Queens NYC. The main article is a NY Times profile of her. This next article was posted last Thursday about an upcoming appearance of hers Angela Mao appearance
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I'm sorry I didn't find that festival info earlier so NYC folk could go.
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The quickest way to a mans's heart is through his chest. Or stomach.
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Through his stomach otherchaz, too many bones in the chest.
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Really interesting, but also kind of frustrating--given the amount of time given to answers she's provided in other interviews, I wonder if the interview with the Times reporter didn't last that long, or if the conversation was stilted because her son was translating. It would have been nice if the interviewer spoke Mandarin, so as to remove some of those barriers, or at least bring their own translator, so that you're not getting an interview filtered through someone already close to the subject.
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I actually thought that was the highlight of the film.

You are not wrong.
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I went to Enter The Dragon, way back in the day. I was so amazed at what the martial artists could do with their bodies, I felt I didn't even know mine. So, I found a school, and studied kung fu, and Chinese street fighting for a couple of years, from a guy who trained Green Berets. He was lithe and small, and he had some sort of anti gravity fluid in his blood. It was the shopping cart scene that sold me on getting some training.
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