All dogs have their Day
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It's National Dog Day (previously), and what better way to celebrate our best friends than by watching Stacy play Dogcraft? How about watching rescue dogs romping? Maybe a Dog Kissing Booth at the Indiana State Fair (with slow-motion kisses!)
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This very adept dog, bringing home the bacon, post Hurricane Harvey.
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Take your dog to the park today. Do not attempt to leave early.
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The Imgur app on my phone had a notification for National Dog Day, and being Imgur, as I'm scrolling through, this image pops up.
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Maybe a Dog Kissing Booth

Maybe Definitely not. I do know where those lips have been.
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Play a bit of "Pet the Pup at the Party", a game about going to a party and avoiding people while trying to find and pet dogs.
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My dog had a pretty good day today. And then it wasn't. He's old. He's been with me pretty much ever since I broke my back in 2005. But, since January his legs have been failing him and he's had difficulty eating and drinking and keeping the food down which has increased and intensified. And then, just past midnight, everything took a nosedive.

Tomorrow morning, I'll give him his scritches... offer him new food - despite him not eating the food offered to him yesterday or the day before... cleanup whatever mess I find, and then I'll carry him to the vet, because sometimes - when you really love someone - you need to set them free. And he doesn't need to be in pain any longer.

I don't know what to do about my name... after 8:30 tomorrow it will be more of an epitaph than an identity...
I have 5 hours to think about nearly 14 years of companionship and what to do with a name...
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Hugs to the both of you, Nanukthedog. It's never easy, even when it's the right thing to do.
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