Reading Of Will - approx. 1985
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Rowan Atkinson Sketch - single link youtube
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Wow, Rowan Atkinson was so funny on so many levels. He could do it himself, yet could play brilliantly off of others.

Wait, he's not dead?
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Having encountered him only in comic roles, it was rather strange to see him recently as Maigret. Was constantly expecting him to, well yes, perform a sketch. It's a pity actually that the creators didn't use his comic talent for turning Maigret into something less serious and perhaps a bit satirical. As it turned out, Atkinson's performance felt rather constrained, like he had to hold himself back. Perhaps I'm being unfair, but Maigret in a serious British high drama vein doesn't seem like the best use of his talents.

Also, thanks for the laughs.
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If you liked this, I should point out that Rowan Atkinson Live is on YouTube officially now.
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Fun but to me it felt like weak jokes. Rowan does not need the support of "jokes":
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Interesting to watch the film The Tall Guy which is, in part, based on being Atkinson straight-man in these sketches where Atkinson plays himself as a really horrible person. (It's written by Richard Curtis who wrote / co-wrote much of Atkinson's early stuff)
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The man used to drive a McLaren F1 as his daily driver.
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It's extremely rare for a comedian to be famous for two characters (Mr. Bean and the Blackadder family) that are in two completely different schools of comedy (Physical and Verbal) and he's a genius at both.

And since we're posting links: "I am the Devil. Good evening."
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Anybody seen Myprick?
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Baldrick, I believe the phrase rhymes with clucking bell....
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I was crazily lucky enough to be in the audience for his Live In Boston 1991. In this clip, you can hear me bark-laugh.
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