The Crow's Nest
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"Navigating the steep staircase and walking down to the rocks that guard the harbour of St. John’s, it is still possible to see the rusted remnants of the vast wire anti-submarine nets that once guarded the narrows. Its a small reminder of the vital battle that once stretched across the Atlantic, that kept Britain from being forced into starvation, and would eventually bring supplies for D-Day. And overlooking the entrance to the harbour, is an anonymous brick building with a German periscope on the roof, that might be the most remarkable, secret bar you might hope to find."
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Oh my gosh St. John's is on a FPP! I love the Crow's Nest, I go there once a month for their song circle. They are normally closed to the public, but they host some regular events that anyone can come to. Those pictures missed the taxidermy crow above the bar! Also I think there's a sign with a rhyming couplet about leaving your wives at home, although I can't remember exactly.
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This is cool, thanks.
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I want to go to there.
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I live about a block from here. *waves at mystikspyral*

The linked article is a bit breathlessly touristy... here's a more local perspective on the place. The periscope extends from the roof down into the bar so you can look into the viewfinder, but they haven't maintained it very well, so it's all fogged up and you can't see anything. And yes, it's very much an "old boy's club" kind of space, complete with vaguely misogynist signs from the days when women weren't allowed in.
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Hurray for a Newfie FPP! *waves at Newfie mefites!* My mother's family came to the US in the early 20th century from La Manch. Back before they turned the town into a park...
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Well this is neat.
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