Running Through the Magic Forest (with bonus eccentric synthesizers!)
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Things are a bit rough these days. Do you need some exceedingly happy music? Then The Happiest Guys In The World may be a cure for what ails, with their 1999 summer jam Hey Hey It's The Vegetable Man. Come inside for further info and highly unique synthesizers!

The Happiest Guys In The World, a self-described group of extremely cheerful men, put out their only album in 1996.

One of the band members (Leon Dewan) has gone on to form the eccentric synthesizer company Dewanatron (previously) with his cousin Brian Dewan (previously). Some further info about various Dewanatron creations:
Short Motherboard interview video.
Another short Dewanatron documentary.
Hymnotron demonstration.
The Novitiate is an instructional synth, only one of which has been made.
Trent Reznor demonstrates the Swarmatron.
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I've only watched the first video so far but I needed that. I'm staying out of US politics threads today and will try to enjoy this heat wave instead.
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I don't have time at the moment to watch any of these videos, but anything Brian Dewan related gets a big double thumbs up from me! Bookmarking for later.
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