New food preservation tech seems to have Amazon interested.
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An update to an old tech of just using high pressure. They've known that high pressure (hundreds of MPa) can inactivate a number of microorganisms (through some Bacterial spores survive) since the late 1800s. Also called Pacalization. New tech called Microwave Assisted Thermal Stabilization (MATS) was developed at Washington State University for the Military. Benefits is it only takes minutes at an elevated temp with the pressure where current pressure cooker method takes an hour which severely degrades the taste, texture, and nutritional content. They're talking about things like Beef Stew in a sealed pouch that lasts for a year with a taste/texture worth eating. Another link states that Europe has a project called "HIPSTER" that is examining the same tech.
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"...another Amazon warehouse explosion leaves a mist of beef stew over a 10 sq mile area."
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a mist of beef stew

it's molecular gastronomy gone mad
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I think you may be conflating this technique, Pascalization, with an ancient South American technique of killing microorganisms by having small indigenous camelids literally stamp them out with their padded feet.
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Pascalization: 'I wouldn't eat that on a bet!'
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Naah. I was still shook-up from “Bacteria stab amoebae with daggers“. :-)
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I would like a mist of beef stew in my mouth. Right now.
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Ironically, beef stew was by far the best MRE (IMO) back in the late 90s-early 00s. A couple of weeks' supply of various varieties made their way into my hands after family members gave them to my grandma. Having grown up during the depression, she insisted on canning her own emergency supplies, so she gave me the MREs.

I ate them all over the course of a couple of months. If the power was out or I was feeling lazy, I'd just make use of the chemical heater right there on my kitchen counter. The couple of breakfast varieties I had weren't very good, nor was the soupy chicken and rice thing, but most of the remainder were reasonably palatable and those that were less so were fine after popping open the mini bottle of Tabasco sauce.
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I would like a mist of beef stew in my mouth. Right now.

2000 psi, same as in town?
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