May 6, 2002
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Hilarious prank phone call found at Davezilla. Not only is the caller a prankster par excellence, but the callee obviously enjoys the shenanigan as much as you will. Headphones recommended if the boss is within earshot. 392K MP3.
posted by johnnyace (7 comments total)
Apparently the caller is Wanda Sykes of HBO's "The Chris Rock Show" acclaim.
posted by johnnyace at 4:05 AM on May 6, 2002

I'm full of admiration for the prison employee's sense of humour, tact, tolerance and general personality. Now if only she could be cloned...
posted by MiguelCardoso at 4:45 AM on May 6, 2002

"they just suck the anger right out of a man."
posted by jcterminal at 5:23 AM on May 6, 2002

At least the receptionist was a good sport. Reminds me of Touchtone Terrorists, they are the best.
posted by adampsyche at 6:23 AM on May 6, 2002

All I have to say is, 4 jellybeans...
posted by plemeljr at 8:41 AM on May 6, 2002

Sugar walls? SUGAR WALLS?

Hehehe. Sugar walls.
posted by Succa at 9:21 AM on May 6, 2002

*sniffle* that was beautiful...
posted by spidre at 9:42 AM on May 6, 2002

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