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Unendurable Line. "There’s simply no compelling way to describe this unusual short film from director Daihei Shibata which attempts to plot the movement of everyday objects such as a light switch or a spring as a real-time graph. Sibata explains this as a film that expresses “the various thresholds hidden in everyday life.” OK, interesting enough, but when paired with a score by the EX NOVO Chamber Choir—turn up the volume—it suddenly becomes completely amazing. "
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Forgot to add - the link mentioned in the bottom of the FPP is well worth checking out: "The Beauty of Mathematics - a visual demonstration of math in everyday life"
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Quite lovely.
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I don't know if I've ever seen such a succinct and striking illustration highlighting the narrative dimension that music carries and can imbue other things with.
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I could have watched ninety minutes of that and not gotten bored. And the choir is the majority of the reason.
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It was over too soon!
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