Behind every great Twitter account
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is a great animal control team. Deadspin rides along with San Francisco Animal Care & Control, of Officer Edith fame. Previously.
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Thanks for posting - I follow "Edith" on twitter, and enjoyed this.
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That’s right: There is no actual Edith. She’s a character created by the department, a fictional social media officer who chronicles the animals saved by SFACC and the officers who save them.

Office Edith is a lie!!!! My reality is shattered!
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I love Officer Edith and I don't care that she is a collective.
Also I never thought I'd get choked up about a boa, but there you go.
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It is a sweet article, and that is a job I don't think I could do.
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We are the BorgOfficer Edith. You will be accumulated.
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The account doesn’t shy away from some of the thornier parts of the job, but I suspect it also does the important work of buoying the spirits of SFACC officers themselves.

That is...rather more perceptive than I expected a Deadspin article to be. Kudos to the author. And many more to each of the members of the SFACC.
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Oh no, what if the next thing we'll find out is that there is no Sgt. Tim Cotton of Bangor Maine Police Department??

Social media is a lie...
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"Her line of work still comes with some public stigma from people who see them as cartoon dognappers with oversized nets. The account is a way to show a potentially skeptical public the good work that SFACC does, like place a few pups in the Puppy Bowl when the Super Bowl came to town in 2016."

I had no idea people still thought this, haven't they ever seen Animal Cops on Animal Planet?
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