Elizabeth Close: Midcentury Modern Master
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Uncompromising in her designs and single-minded in her approach, it was said that the word "decoration" was like a swear word to her. But Minnesota has benefited from her clean lines. And midcentury modernism has an open-air museum in Columbus Indiana which is full of outstanding buildings by architects lured there by the head of the Cummins Engine Company. And it's celebrating itself with Exhibit Columbus.
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Thank you for this post! I (an Aussie) have spent quite a bit of time in Minneapolis in recent years, and I love the MCM appreciation groups and architecture culture there. I did not know about Close and am super impressed to read about her.
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Thanks for this! I took a number of classes in architectural history some years ago, and never heard of her!
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Good for her on snubbing Neutra's "offer" to work at his firm - and pay him to do so! Thanks for the post.
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Columbus, Indiana is really somewhere you should see if you're into architecture. I mean, there's an elementary school by IM Pei. Cool stuff is everywhere.
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I grew up in a neighborhood with quite a few of her homes. They are truly special, though I'm still not certain I'd want to have a flat roof in a Minnesota winter.
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Very cool. I live a few blocks from university grove, and it's one of my favorite walks because I like gawking at the houses. I do agree that flat roofs can be a huge problem here though.
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As a fan of vernacular architecture, I agree that flat roofs in snowy/rainy climates make no sense. But we do get pretty buildings from them. Also, we have an I.M. Pei building here in Asheville NC, one of the uglier buildings I've seen and one that pays no attention to the vernacular of the town. They tore down a whole side of the central square to put the monstrosity up. Aaarrrgh.
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How cool! The house I grew up in, until I was twelve, was built for my parents by Elizabeth Close in University Grove. They were on a tight budget and it's a relatively small and modest house, but in retrospect I'm struck by the quality of the design and by my good fortune in having grown up in it. (When I was twelve, we moved to a different house in the Grove, a vast rundown quasi-Tudor mansion that was pretty much the antithesis of the Close house. Fun to live in as a teenager, though.)
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There's a new film set in Columbus, IN by the video essayist Kogonada(previously) set in that town and largely about architecture. Trailer.
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