The Original Most Interesting Man In The World
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The story of Tom Corbally, a private investigator whose career crisscrossed continents and spanned decades, is its own secret history of the 20th century.
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That was interesting.
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even if only 15% of it were true (which I suspect is a close guess.. )
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That was damn near interesting. I just needed more heresay, unsubstantiated narrative and a couple lies. To fill it out. To help me understand why he was jet-setting around Hollywood.
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Sounds like the model for Anthony DiNozzo, Sr.
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Of fucking course Roy Cohn stuck his nose in the story.
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Color me highly skeptical. I don't particularly have problems believing that the guy inherited a New Jersey detective agency with mob connections, or that he may have palled around with Roy Cohn, who was a scumbag with mob clients. But most of the rest of it makes it seem like the author is either exceedingly credulous or is trying to work this up into a book/movie deal.
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Playa, on the grassy knoll with a martini.
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I share others' unwillingness to accept the claims in the story. However, if much of it is true this is not a person who deserves to be written about admiringly.

Here’s a story I heard: A US Army officer ran into difficulty interrogating captured Germans. The officer called him in and explained the problem before discreetly leaving the room. Corbally coldly surveyed the group and then stepped forward and shot the German officer he thought had the least information. He turned to the others and said in German, “Who wants to go next?”
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Yeah, I'm thinking that that's one of the stories (that Corbally apparently told about himself) that's pure bullshit. You know, he's too much of a fuck-up to get through basic training in Canada, but the government puts him in charge of interrogating German officers. Sure.
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Also, it doesn't help that in between detailing criminal behavior up to and including murder the article is larded with nuggets such as:
An even 6 feet tall and always slim, Corbally was so handsome that women were said to go somewhat mad in his presence.
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I love the photos of Broady the wiretapper posing with a phone and Jules Kroll the Wall Street PI, they both look like community theater promo shots of people playing those guys.
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