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An insatiable and invasive green monster is eating the picturesque bayous and rare wetlands of Caddo Lake, on the Texas-Louisiana border.
The Creature From The Green Lagoon

Caddo Lake faces an Uncertain future with additiona threats like water diversion and heavy metal toxicity.
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Salvinia is a huge problem in the bayous of Louisiana, as well. Between that and water hyacinth (another invasive) you can quite often hardly see the surface of the water.
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Uncertain Texas, on a paddle wheel boat. That sounds fabulous, I want to go there. Caddo Lake. I only recently heard of the Caddo Tribe, after whom the lake is named. The aquatic kudzu.
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I'm from the Louisiana side (Caddo parish)

I don't live there anymore, and I really am thankful to read about this, Caddo lake is a beautiful place with so many opportunities to appreciate nature. And fish for catfish. Yummy catfish.

The Caddo Nation is very interesting if you ever want to read up them. It is oddly one of the things my school system did well, explaining the history of the of the area.

Of course, environmental protections is something both Texas and Louisiana do not do well. It is a shame and makes me so angry.
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I hate to hear that Caddo Lake is having such a rough time. I've never been there but my grandfather often went fishing there and I have a painting by my grandmother of Caddo Lake with all its cypresses and Spanish moss.
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