Muskoka mystery
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Nearly 20 years ago, four seniors vanished in Ontario's cottage country. Now, a joint investigation by CBC's The Fifth Estate and The Walrus magazine into recently unsealed documents offers new insight into one of Canada's most notorious cold cases. [Disturbing content]
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The Fifth Estate documentary is available on YouTube: Murder in Cottage Country.
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My blood is boiling.
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There are a lot of predators like the Laans out there. Some are born, some are made. Figuring out how to deal with them is (imo) a major element of creating a civil society.
For now, the best we can do it work on creating social network and listen to people who are vulnerable.
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Ugh. Multiple murderers of the most vulnerable people around, and they got away with and from all appearances will continue to get away with it.
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The victims wanted so little -- to be able to live out their days in peace -- and their time on earth ended in such horror. This post made my heart hurt.
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Horrifying. An entire family of thieving, murderous bastards.

(Hey OP, can you add an animal abuse tag of some kind? I think the fate of Lawrence's cats would be especially unsettling to some readers.)
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[Was alerted to this via mod mail, and I've added a "disturbing content" warning, since singling out only the cats seems odd when there is also human abuse/murder.]
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