If you're worried about identity theft...
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This is an amazingly detailed and smart overview of what to do in the face of identity theft.
(pre,viou,sly posts on business and programming from kalzumeus)
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I posted that same one on FB a few days ago. I have to agree, it's pretty damn good.
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This is fantastic. Thank you!
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This is amazing, and a lot of the advice has broad applicability for dealing with other large institutions. "Presenting like a professional" is a powerful tactic - you don't want to be a customer service problem to be placated. You want to be a LEGAL problem.
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Someone who owns 0.01 shares is a shareholder; welcome to the magic of capitalism.

This guy is speaking my love language.
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To go to other domains, it seems hard to know all those little pieces of information he's sussed out regarding credit scores and the regulation of that industry — the pieces that make him a "professional." Like if I get cheated by Xfinity somehow, I'd not only struggle to find the people to write to, but I wouldn't know, e.g., specific deadlines that might exist for them to respond to me, never mind Federal acronyms to describe the specific type of violation it is if they do something again. Also some large-institution problems, like haggling rates, really are in the customer service domain, and I wonder if different principles would apply.
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I have favorited this post, in hopes that I never have to look for it in the future.
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I thought this was this piece where the writer said that your tone should simply assume cooperation, lest apocalypse come down upon them.

In my own experience, if you can muster up that confidence and smoothness, it really does come across as being scarier than spittle-flecked ranting.

I have gotten into the habit of bringing a small notebook with me to the simplest of appointments, and making careful notes. Whatever I have lost in relaxed geniality, I have gained back -- and more -- in accuracy and respect from the person across the table.
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I enjoyed the sidenote:
I also found a forum or two with other people who had problems with their credit reports (some they were innocent of, and some where the general shape of the problem was "poor choices were made"). Since I'm constitutionally incapable of seeing a question on a message board and not answering it, I [...] ghostwrote a few hundred letters and very informally quarterbacked the people who signed them as they dealt with responses.
Would that everyone's quirky hobbies help personally dig hundreds of people out of financial trouble.
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My plan is to just to avoid buying a house, car, or making any other major purchases for the next 40-50 years.
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Millenials are killing buying things!
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As a professional courtesy, I am attaching the information you requested in your letter. Please complete your investigation immediately and confirm this fact and your followup actions to me in writing. If you cannot, you are required to send me your written justification for why the bank believes that I own this account and why the bank believes that their reporting of this account to the credit reporting agencies is in compliance with the law.

chills down my spine
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