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JeffHK makes videos about being the Third Mate aboard the OOCL Atlanta.

Take a tour of the 323-metre long ship or find out how to anchor it. Find out how containers are loaded, or what's in a lifeboat. Take a 360° tour of the Bridge, or the Engine Room. Maybe now you want to join the maritime industry? Or maybe you don't? Could you handle rough seas or a snowstorm? Would it be worth it just so you could crawl along the Duct Keel or sail through the Suez Canal?

Do not miss this incredible 30-day timelapse.

He's also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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Watched the Suez Canal. Yes, I want to live at sea. Watched the rough seas. Nope, getting green just thinking about it.
posted by TreeRooster at 11:45 AM on September 20

Terrifyingly, the "rough seas" video didn't make it look like the seas were all that rough - big swells, but not many whitecaps. I can't even imagine what it would be like to sail through rougher waters...
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Videos are nicely edited, and he makes them compelling.. Still not sure I'd sign on for that life, but..
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This is a really well done and interesting channel. One of my cousin's kids is starting at Maine Maritime this year, so that makes it even more appealing. My mother's brothers were Merchant Mariners in the Second World War, one of them did it his whole life. See also John McPhee's Looking for a ship.

Also, the flexing of his enormous container ship in rough sea is amazing.
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Watched the first two and they're great. Referred to Mr. Botanizer. Thank you!
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Whatever Mr. JeffHK is doing to make him suddenly appear all over my radar today, well, it's working.
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Holy shit, that timelapse is beautiful.
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I live near the giant CSX rail yard in Atlanta. Thanks so much for posting this - will use to show the kids how the containers travel the world.
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