Your homework for Bi Visibility Week
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Good stuff Grandysaur! Thanks for posting and Happy Bi Visibility Week everyone!

/waves unofficial bi-flag (Freddie Mercury and Sandra Bernhard singing a duet of Don't Stop Me Now)
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Well, this was a nice way to discover one of my books was listed in the Bi-Bibliography! I didn't know that.

Overall I think those lists don't really give enough credit to the romance genre, and I don't quite know that "Call Me By Your Name" actually counts as a romance (romantic, but not Romance)...but look at all those books with bisexual characters! Love it! Thanks for the post!
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That's a hell of a lot of homework for one week.

Seriously, though, glad to see lists like these.
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I'm a bi reader and that's a bit heavy for me even.

Rock on, you all!
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Um... We're gonna need a bigger week.

(But srsly. This is great! Thanks! Waves bi-flag, too!)
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Hot off the press suggestion: Kristin Cashore's new book Jane, Unlimited was released on the 19th, and having read it, it is a lot of fun and has a bisexual female protagonist, a bunch of queer secondary characters, and a cute central queer romance.

Can't believe I wasted so much of my week of visibility reading a book instead of running around doing mischief and crime, oh well.
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Excellent post. Thank you.
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Buy Bi Books!
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No Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady?
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I thought reflecting photons was enough for me to do during bi visibility week, but clearly I need to put on my reading glasses and get to it. Thanks for the links.
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Y'all have until midnight to read all these books and I expect thorough book reports on my desk Monday morning.
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I read Bi ANy Other Name about 25 years ago and it probably saved my life.
posted by Cookiebastard at 10:17 AM on September 24, 2017

While you're at it check out Dhalgren.
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I saw this mentioned the other day on the We Need Diverse Books instagram feed: 16 Great 2017 YAs that Celebrate Bi Visibility.
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Oh hey! Can't wait to dig into this list! In the interest of visibility I've been a somewhat active mefite for probably more than a decade and have often described myself as a gay man. But I've recently (and very happily) learned that I'm bi. It's only taken me until middle age!
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